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Every Man’s Dream…Urinal

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Urinals are not a subject I have given much thought to, in fact urinals didn’t come onto my radar until 2005. It was Super Bowl Sunday,  I was in NYC with my sister Barbara, waiting for John Eckley’s son Peter to show, in a place called  PJ Clarke’s. John suggested we go there to check it out. He had heard rave reviews about the urinals.

“Why would I want to see urinals?” I asked.

“They’re so cool.” He swooned. “You should try to take a picture of one while you’re there. I’ve always wanted to buy one, but they never come onto the market.”

What could possibly be so special about a urinal I wondered. The only urinals I was familiar with were small, the ones from the boy’s room in grade school, nothing to write home about. I was determined to lay my eyes on these fancy urinals John pined for.

The bar was packed and there was an endless line for the men’s room, but I finally made my way to the front of the line.  I stepped inside and I must admit, the urinals were over the top. They stood almost 6 foot tall, like winged porcelain monsters, nothing at all like the boy’s room models. I did snap some pics that day, but Lord knows I can’t seem to find them. Apparently a lot of men, John included, hold these fixtures in high esteem. There are countless pictures and blogs that mention these monsters. They seem to be everyman’s dream of what a urinal should be.

You are probably wondering why I am telling this story? Well, insert drumroll here,  John’s pining can end, his wish has come true.



Every man’s Dream… Urinal

City Salvage is now a proud owner of one of these urinals. I will post more details on the plumbing products page, when it arrives in Minneapolis early next week.

Jenni Jansen



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